A Heart-To-Heart About Great SEO

How can you make successful SEO stick? Many SEO “specialists” around the world have given their clients the web ranking they were searching for (no pun intended). But there's a difference between SEO that works and SEO that sticks. The great Mark Twain once said, “A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on.” This quote proves true once more.

Content rules the SEO world and there's no disputing that. Just take a look at Google's algorithm change history and see why it's never been more important. Producing content that not only expands on a clients' services but also gives online visitors problem-solving information is a sign of worthwhile SEO. Our main priority is to help people, not make great content harder to find.

An email we received late last week reaffirmed our belief that legitimate SEO isn't just reflected in search rankings; it’s also about solving problems. For the past year, a client's website has undergone extensive optimization to its content. The positive signs of increased search rankings and healthy online traffic soon translated into what SEO is all about: Helping others find what they need through quality content. This client, who specializes in stainless steel passivation and metal finishing, shared with us an email they received from a publicly traded, globally-recognized company. It reads:


I am a mechanical engineer from (global company name). I read through your website and it appears to me that you are an expert in passivation on stainless steel.

Currently, I have a part that is made from Stainless Steel 416 and it's being passivated.

We encountered an issue where this part is rusting, even after passivation. It's due to lower chromium and no nickel as opposed to the 300 series. Passivation should help prevent this, but 416 is prone to “burning.”

Would you please advise what grade of stainless steel (other than 300 series and 416) would be OK for passivation without the “burn” and rusting issue? With SS 416, does it not need passivation that would be enough to prevent rusting?

My other requirement is to have Rockwell Hardness of 45 HRC for the shaft.

Whether you know anything about stainless steel passivation or not, this email is proof of what quality content can do. After reading through our client’s website, this company felt our client was a true expert in stainless steel passivation. Because we took the time to research, draft, and publish quality information that not only explains what their service provides, but what it can accomplish, this globally-recognized company took notice.

That's the difference between good SEO and great SEO. Our strategies not only cover the basics for online exposure, but also give reason for legitimacy. To know that we do the same for each of our SEO clients is a great feeling, especially after seeing how far the truth can travel.

Unfortunately, you don't find many web development, SEO companies, or design shops that make the investment needed to have writers in-house and on staff. If your SEO content doesn't make you sound like an expert in your field, you've got the wrong SEO help.

If you're looking for great SEO, call us for a free consultation and let us explain how we can put great content to work for you.

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