US Housing Consultants

US Housing Consultants

Project Description


US Housing Consultants, a national multi-family housing consulting firm specializing in HUD and Tax Credit compliance required a new website to be more user friendly both internally and externally. They also wanted a site that was more conducive and friendly to their search engine optimization (SEO) program to help expand and grow their business. Since they provide the nation’s premier REAC Consulting Services; having served as trainer and consultant to the largest companies throughout the country, they needed a new website where it was easy to showcase that.


The original US Housing Consultants website utilized Miva Cart and custom development and needed to be migrated to a more user-friendly open-source content management system (CMS)—Joomla. While migrating to a new CMS, we had to be sure all of our SEO structure and information was also transferred over properly so as to not lose the rankings the site had gained over the previous year.


The new US Housing Consultants site was semi-custom built on an open-sourced Joomla CMS to avoid costly licensing fees and to ensure ease of use so the US Housing team could easily add, move, or delete content and photos at will. Because of the new SEO friendly capabilities, upon launch, inbound leads and the quality of those leads increased significantly. Check out the site at

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