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Portal Engineering Services

Have you found that static web sites are insufficient for your business or association? Then it’s time to look at portal technology. What is a portal? It’s an efficient way to organize information for your specific consumer base or audience. The fact is that Internet search and organization is dominated by large conglomerates that index billions of web pages. This isn’t an efficient setup for your clients and potential clients to find you. Danconia can help streamline this process.

When we engineer a web portal system, we build a doorway to relevant information for current and future clients. By setting up an organized portal system, we can drive customers to relevant information about your business. This saves everyone time by simplifying and streamlining the search process. The ease of finding information will often drive more clients to your company. Multiple studies have shown that the fewer clicks buyers have to make, the more likely they are to use your service or purchase your product. Our portals are sure to deliver this functionality.

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