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Nonprofit Marketing Services

Looking for a firm to handle your nonprofit’s marketing efforts? You’re right where you should be. At Danconia Media, we understand that nonprofits often lack the funding or resources to adequately promote their causes in-house. That’s why we offer affordable marketing packages geared specifically toward nonprofit organizations and charities. With our help, you can increase awareness of your cause, solicit donors and volunteers, and keep your existing supporters in the loop about your latest news and events.

We take a sweeping approach when it comes to marketing. Our marketers, graphic artists, web designers and copywriters are experts at reaching people through multiple mediums, including the Internet, print materials, trade shows, radio and television. You can outsource a segment of your marketing campaign to us or put us in charge of the whole thing. Either way, you’ll be getting a maximum return on your investment.

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For a free nonprofit marketing quote, contact Danconia Media today by calling (603) 529-8175. We also offer web design, search engine optimization and social media marketing services specifically geared toward nonprofit organizations.