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Ecommerce Development

If you’re selling products online, a sweeping approach is needed to maximize your bottom line. A plethora of variables must be taken into account when development an ecommerce website, including aesthetics, usability, conversion, structure, search engine friendliness and shopping cart functionality. All too often, companies overlook the details when launching their ecommerce websites and, as a result, their sales figures suffer.

At Danconia Media, we staff seasoned web designers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts and web marketing professionals who’ve helped many businesses increase their online profits considerably. Whether you’re launching your first website or overhauling your existing one, our ecommerce development team can ensure it’s a success.

Our ecommerce development services include:

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Custom design: We’ll develop a clean, visually stunning design that will increase the likelihood of your site’s visitors choosing your products.

Extensive product catalogs: We can upload thousands of products to your site’s database and make it easy for you to update them as your inventory changes.

SEO: If your site isn’t being found on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other popular search engines, it’s not delivering an acceptable return on your investment. We can ensure your site’s structure and content is optimized for search engines.

Product feeds: We can set up your site to automatically generate a product list that will be submitted to Google Products and other price-comparison services.

Analytics: We’ll provide your business with regular reports detailing site traffic, search engine rankings and product sales so you can continually fine-tune your strategies and be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Social media optimization: We can help you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to drive traffic to your site and promote your products.

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We offer affordable services that can be tailored to your enterprise’s unique needs and budget requirements. For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today by calling (603) 529-8175. We’re based in New Hampshire, but provide services internationally.

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