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Business Development Services

The No. 1 complaint we hear from small to medium size business owners is that they just don’t have enough time to get everything done. This isn’t helped by the fact that most new enterprises have three or fewer employees, and may explain why 44% of new businesses close their doors after only two years of operation. The bottom line is that most business owners just don’t have the time or knowledge to run an efficient operation that can compete in today’s marketplace.

At Danconia Media, our knowledge encompasses all facets of commerce. Our business development team won’t hand you a canned growth strategy that worked for someone else. We realize that all businesses are unique, so we’ll work closely with you to personalize a market strategy that will allow your business to experience unparalleled growth.
Business Competitiveness Assessments

Has your business reached a peak? Not sure how to increase growth or become more efficient? Danconia can help. We realize that what business managers and owners need more than anything is information on their companies. To meet this need, Danconia offers a full line of business assessments that will provide clarity to many aspects of your business.

Specialty Products & Packaging

Sometimes the best marketing campaigns focus on the distribution of specialty products or using specialty packaging to house current inventory. At Danconia, we’ve found that the marketing of even the most insignificant items can lead to healthy increases in customers and revenues for businesses that use them in marketing campaigns.

Market Development

It’s difficult for any business to remain successful without replenishing its customer base. When business managers do decide to build new customer relations, they have two options. First, they can attempt to draw more customers from their current marketplace. Secondly, they can attempt to move into a new marketplace altogether. Either way, developing a new or existing market is a tough job. Danconia can help.

Corporate Branding

There’s a reason why large corporations spend billions every year on their marketing campaigns. It’s to try to brand their businesses in the marketplace. What comes with a brand? Increased profits, increased customers, and increased customer trust. These are things that businesses of all sizes want to acquire. However, branding in a marketplace is never an easy task. Danconia Media’s branding consultants can help.

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