The Magento Go Blog Post You Need to Read

Magento Go Support is Going…Going…Gone
The official Magento Go blog, if you’ve been paying attention, has hosted tumbleweeds for almost a year now…and with good reason: on July 1, 2014, eBay announced that it will be shutting down all Magento Go e-commerce products in February of 2015. While this end-of-life date allows current users the opportunity to survive Christmas before the…

WordPress Beginners Guide

WordPress is one of the commonly used content management systems for both blogs and websites across the ‘net. Looking for a guide to help you navigate the ins and outs of this CMS?

Look no further!

WordPress Beginners Guide…

Red Alert! My Website Is Down!

“My website is down,” I hear you saying in a shaky voice, one error message away from a full-blown panic attack. “Will I lose my Google rankings? Will I lose my customers?”

Deep breath. Let it out slowly. Good. Now let me assure you, you’re not alone. Server issues affect us all—even Mark Zuckerberg—from time to time. This isn’t about how…

IMS of Manchester, N.H., Launches New Website by Danconia Media

MANCHESTER, N.H., Aug. 28, 2012 – Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions (IMS), a leading electronics contract manufacturing company, has launched a website completely overhauled by New England design and marketing firm Danconia Media.

The site – located at – features content detailing IMS’s history, services, primary markets, equipment, job openings, latest news and events. IMS offers an array of contract services, including…

Beacon and Company Launches Redesigned Website

HILTON HEAD, S.C., Aug. 23, 2012 – Beacon and Company, which specializes in sales management, training and coaching for the financial services industry, this week launched a completely redesigned website.

The site – located at – features information about Beacon’ training, tracking and mentoring products. Beacon has a unique set of tools, including SalesCoach©, SalesTracker© and SalesMentor©. The products are…

NH Landscaping Company Launches New Website by Danconia Media

NEW BOSTON, N.H., Aug. 2, 2012 – Property Detailers LLC, a premier provider of residential and commercial outdoor property maintenance, this week launched a website engineered by New England design and marketing firm Danconia Media.

The site – located at – features content detailing the company’s many services, including lawn care, home care, fences/gates, hardscapes, pool maintenance, outdoor lighting and…

Drupal for Beginners Guide 2012

To download the .pdf guide, simply click the link below. There’s no need to register or anything. We hope you find it useful!
Download Drupal Beginner’s Guide Fall 2012 Edition
If you need more assistance, advanced CMS training or custom Drupal development, feel free to call us at (603) 529-8175.


New England Generator Company Launches New Website by Danconia Media

SWANZEY, N.H., July 26, 2012 – Powers Generator Service, a leading generator distributor and service provider, has launched a completely overhauled website engineered by New Hampshire web design and marketing firm Danconia Media.

The site – located at – was built using a highly robust, yet user-friendly, content management system (CMS). The platform can be used by virtually anyone, even…

Danconia Media Redesigning Boys & Girls Club of Boston Website

BOSTON, July 17, 2012 – Danconia Media, a leading New England web design and marketing firm, has been hired to overhaul the Boys & Girls Club of Boston’s website.

BGCB launched the current version of its website in 2007. The new site was a major improvement over its previous website, but technology has shifted dramatically in the past six years. The…