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Affordable Small Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you run a small or medium-sized company, the cards are probably stacked against you when it comes to Internet marketing. Large corporations shell out millions of dollars each year on search engine optimization efforts so they can make certain they’re found by consumers. Meanwhile, most smaller companies don’t have multimillion-dollar marketing budgets to implement effective search marketing campaigns on their own. Oftentimes, business owners invest in Pay-per-Click campaigns to gain an edge, but still fail to boost revenues because they don’t have organic search engine rankings.

At Danconia Media, we offer SEO packages geared specifically toward small and mid-sized businesses looking to increase their rankings without busting their budgets. Our small business SEO packages are highly scalable and are available for affordable monthly fees. We’ve helped many businesses gain prominent rankings on Google, Yahoo!, Live and other major search engines. Whether you’re aiming to reach consumers locally, regionally, nationally or overseas, we can make it happen.

Businesses that have benefited from our affordable small business SEO services include:

Law Firms Furniture Makers Landscapers Electricians & Plumbers Plastic Surgeons
Audiologists Painters Carpenters Dentists HVAC Contractors
Appliance Outlets Chiropractors Computer Repair Specialists Florists Retirement Communities
Septic Specialists Tractor Dealers Pool/Spa Contractors Banks Veterinarians
Beauty Salons Furniture Stores Motorcycle Dealerships Pet Sitters Insurance Agents

Danconia’s team of SEO pros conduct thorough research to learn which keyword phrases consumers are typing most and determine which ones are most worth targeting. Many SEO companies use manipulative techniques that work for a little while, but can ultimately lead to sites being penalized. Our Internet marketing specialists deploy honest, reliable tactics that are actually encouraged by search engine developers. We specialize in increasing the odds of businesses being found by the consumers who’d benefit from their services the most.

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