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Danconia Media specializes in campaigns that are proven to deliver results. By utilizing both online and traditional techniques, we can ensure you reach your targeted audience and that, more importantly, your message sticks. With Danconia Media by your side, you can obtain increased exposure and revenue.
Online advertising – An estimated 70% of consumers turn to the Internet when they’re searching for products and services locally. Though most companies nowadays have a web presence, most of them fail to take full advantage of the relatively new technology. We staff professional web designers and writers who can ensure you reach your potential customers, whether they’re local, regional, national or overseas. For businesses in the Concord, NH region, we have a specialized web portal – located at – that offers an affordable way for small and medium-sized companies to gain valuable exposure.

Print advertising – We staff world-class graphic designers and writers who can get your message across in the most effective way possible through newspaper and magazine advertising. It’s estimated that a customer must see or hear about a service or product at least 20 times before remembering the information when considering making a purchase. Though not as powerful as it used to be, print advertising can be used to supplement online marketing campaigns. Danconia Media can ensure your magazine or newspaper ad stands out from the rest.

TV/Cable advertising – Getting TV viewers’ attention when they’re intentionally trying to tune you out can seem like a daunting task. We at Danconia Media, however, are experts at grabbing the attention of potential consumers, even when the odds are stacked against us. We can produce for you effective cable and broadcast television advertisements that will be recalled upon in the minds of viewers when they’re looking for products and services you offer.

Radio advertising – We staff advertising professionals who know just how to capture the attention of radio listeners, whether they’re tuning in during their daily commutes, while they’re working out or in their cubicles.

Direct mail advertising – Our creative design and marketing professionals can deploy direct mail advertising campaigns that yield remarkable response rates.

Outdoor advertising – In order for this kind of advertisement to work, your message and imagery must be designed just right. We can do just that with our staff of professional designers and marketers who know how to make billboards and mobile advertising vehicles that are remembered.

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