How Targeted SEO Can Make All the Difference for Your Business

How Targeted SEO Can Make All the Difference for Your Business

Author // Mike Kalil

If you set your mind to it, you could rank your site prominently on major search engines for just about anything you could imagine. Want your site to appear on Page 1 when web surfers type “Britney Spears?” It’d take a while, but it’s possible. How about for “United States?” That’d be even harder, but a lot of perseverance could make it happen. How about getting the No. 1 spot on Google for “lamp fire truck computer stop sign chicken noodles?” Anyone could do that, especially since no one’s optimizing for it. It doesn’t matter, though, because literally no one’s searching for it.

While search engine optimization may drive extra traffic to your site, it’s still a waste of time, money and resources if it fails to lead to increased revenues for your business. What would you rather have: random people finding your site or consumers who are searching specifically for your products and services? Do you want to attract consumers who will take their time exploring your site or ones who’ll likely hit the backspace key as soon as they see your homepage?

SEO firms, especially low-rent ones, tend to focus more on driving traffic to a site and less on conversion. High rankings and increased site traffic do not equal a successful SEO campaign. Increased inquiries about your services and boosted revenues do. For an SEO campaign to be successful, you must strategically target the Internet users who’ll most likely be interested in your products and services.

This takes a lot of work, but, in the end, it all pays off if it’s executed properly. At Danconia Media, here’s how we approach SEO campaigns:

  • Lots of research – We investigate thoroughly to determine exactly what consumers are searching for and which keyword phrases are most worth targeting. Once we’ve figured that out, we do even more probing to determine what competitor sites are doing and how we can surpass them. We also look hard for long-tail search phrases to target. Long-tail search terms are about as targeted as you get, and oftentimes there are very few SEOs optimizing for them.
  • Lots of content – If you spend any amount of time in SEO circles, you’ll hear this saying over and over again: “Content is king.” Like most sayings, it bears repeating because it’s true. Our copywriters work tirelessly crafting content that’s optimized for search engines while remaining easy to read. Since we also specialize in marketing, we make sure the content we produce can be used as a selling tool.
  • Just the right structure. The way a site’s structured has a lot to do with how it ranks on search engines. We take extra steps to ensure our sites are structured in ways that make it easy for web crawlers and visitors to navigate them.
  • Focus on the small details. There are lots of minor SEO factors that, by themselves, don’t make much of a difference. Together, however, they hold massive weight on search-engine rankings. We obsess over these details.

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